When my elementary school sex stories

See story aunt nude – I was as young as 10 years younger, just the fourth year of primary school, rather small as possible. But in this case would change my life never happened. In fact, as the primary school children in general, certainly do not know what genitals, and no feelings or prejudices of a variety show or if someone has shown us, I ‘m sure, but one day, changed after the incident.

A day later after a study group with friends, I intend to bring home one of my daughter, whose house was some distance away, while learning to start 18:00 pm until the end of which is sometimes up to 21: 00 pm, so they do not dare home alone. It is used to summon Na, the old, the smartest girl in my class, study groups for many people who made ​​the seizure itself, and the fate of those who wish to join our group.

This story starts from here, I boncengkan she went home with my little bike. Kukayuh slowly, take it easy anyways not too late for the size of my village, because only less than 20:00, and tonight it seems a bit crowded. Until finally entering the road either side of overgrown bamboo. Yes, this place is feared by Na, I do usually only if there are friends, but that alone is at most speed when crossing the street, terrified really. However, apparently not the case tonight, because it looks a car would pass in our direction. But suddenly the car stopped in front of us and get out of a woman from the driver’s door, I stopped my bike, it looks like she was going to ask something to us.

Apparently we were wrong allegation, the woman took out a pistol from under his shirt and we commit armed robbery. Together we are shocked and want to shout, but nevertheless we’ve done is threatened with a serious tone, so we just obeyed what he wants. My bike was thrown into the bushes, so as not suspicious, and we were told to get into his car. In the Panther car that we both lost purity.

Initially she told us to sit in a chair that has been put down, we did not know what to do with, which obviously then he let go of her clothes one by one as he continued staring at us both. We were silent because they do not know what that means. Once off all clothes and naked, she thrust both her ​​nipples to us. We do not want to, but soon got another threat, so we were forced to do so as well. I and Na was sucking her nipples simultaneously. He also seemed to enjoy sucking us both with his hand stroking his groin. We also continue to do as he wants, while her breasts are getting bigger, with the occasional squeeze-squeezed her own, until completely hardened.

We gasped when suddenly two hands reach our groin, but nothing we could do but to obey. I also feel squeezed, squeezed my cock so tense, my mouth while still sucking nipples. Shortly afterwards she told us to stop sucking. But what they did, his hands move to Na who was on his back, opened his clothes one by one until the naked, so to me. So all three of us naked. He was in action, starting with him kissing her whole body Na Na, sucking tits, licking all over his body and sucked in when right in the groin Na. Na had just resigned to hiss, while occasionally a small scream, even easement along lick-lick her on her body. I myself sent him beating my cock, I do not know should be shaken all, while I felt my cock getting hard only.

A moment later he turned toward me. Once satisfied with the Na, he just kissed me, until I felt tickled all over my body. Finally he stopped at the base of my thighs, toying with my cock which was hardened and then squashed. I feel another feeling when he suddenly suck my cock. I was just tickled to moan because, while breathing the roar grew even more unpalatable only.

Then he stopped and switched positions. Now she is lying down, while we were standing. He told Na sit in his stomach back to me, Na also went along. Then he lay down Na, so right on her breast to suck it again turns later, while I, with a somewhat rough and, holding my cock, my cock is directed toward the groin. Then I was told to insert my penis into a hole in the groin and moving my body back and forth in her vagina. And my hand is placed on the chest Na so I squeezed his chest as he gestured to launch simultaneously later.

After all has been arranged, he also told us to get started. Fit what he sent earlier, Na was alternately sucking breasts harden and I was beating my cock in her vagina. This time his face had changed completely serious when we do like what he sent. She hissed, enjoy what we do at the same time, several times he was restrained while holding amused squeal and wiggle her body. His jaw dropped and the occasional hand on my waist and hugged me in her body. While the hand wringing her tits, so he sometimes moaned tickled. I myself felt something strange creeping through my body. I do not know what happened to me, especially when I buried my cock in her vagina, but it feels like a tingling throughout my body, so that the car that sounded just a gasping breath that sometimes interspersed with moans of pleasure.

But that did not last long, because a moment later I felt her body convulse, abysmally and groaned with the breath chasing. Then suddenly he was clipping his feet on my body, while his hands clutching the two of us with a long moan and her body limp. Our moment in his arms, and our sweat soaked bodies were three of us, I felt her vaginal discharge and on my cock still inside her vagina. He then let go of his arms, smile full of meaning.

She saw what happened to Na, the direct follow-licking her breasts Na, Na increasingly so abysmally, and ultimately he was a long moan as his body twitched abysmally. I, too, has been accelerating whisk my cock in her vagina, and she was then I felt her body relax and lay limp in the chair. I felt her pussy wet by the fluid flowing from the inside. I was then told to remove my cock from her vagina. I’ve been actually feel the pleasure of what I do, but it think it lasted long in my body.

Then she told Na to shake my cock with her ​​mouth and sucked. It turns out that pleasure again possessed my body and the more peaked, while the suction  the longer the course, apparently she also enjoyed it. Until now, he sucked it very long, I could not stand it anymore. And I also remind Na to stop what he was doing, because I thought I would pee. Apparently after Na stop straw, even my cock and then grabbed by the woman, and the inclusion into the mouth. The inclusion of my cock until he left, then smoked a deep, until I could not stand it anymore.

As a long sigh from me, I felt incredible, my body shivered a matchless pleasure. My cock which was removed from her mouth spewing thick white liquid that immediately intercepted by her mouth again and swallow. Even liquids that no other sperm that was left was my first in my cock was smoked until he left. After that I felt my body limp, so I saw it on Na and women.

Then she rudely told me to get dressed again. After that we were given drinks like orange juice, but after a while we drink, we feel sleepy weight, then fell asleep and unconscious. We just woke up when many people swarming us, carrying a very bright light. We were puzzled to see the incident, because we were no longer in the car, but was in the bushes near a bamboo grove with my bike.


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